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The Write Relief Organisation has come about by undertaking past Expeditions throughout Southern, East and West Africa since 2005.

The future and continuity of Democracy in developing countries is it's Children. Leaders have to understand Education is key to this and an asset. It's Just Right!

Justin Brogan Aiding Rural Education

As with the past Projects, Write Relief is the platform which we will undertake Expeditions Global. The Hope is to take the Expedition vehicle, CHUMMER on this voyage of Discovery, Adventure and Aid.

Fundraising, Motivational speaking, press/media interviews will all be entertained, whilst highlighting "The Right to Write" in Rural Africa and other Developing countries Worldwide.

This off course comes with more funding, organising, bureaucratic nightmares, Red Tape, shipping and last but not least fuel. All of which are mere obstacles which will be met and overcome.

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