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2005 Land Rover Defender130, TD5. Also affectionately known as “CHUMMER”

The Expedition vehicle is a trade in from the past 110, Land Rover Defender. I found that the shape with too many contents on roof rack, become unstable and was difficult to place spare wheels. So by trial & error I decided on a 130 TD5 Defender with same size engine.

The sales man told me it is apparently the only black 130 in SA, to come of the assembly line. The 130 is a double cab with a separate bakkie load area. With this in mind I devised a way of incorporating the space for 2 spare wheels as well as a shape that would be user friendly to my own preferences. So I opted to have made a draw system on both sides and a sloping rear, to help with handling, also attached 2 spare wheels, as 2 would not fit, side by side.

The design borne from the US military style Humvee and vehicles participating in the Dakar Races, quick access and space is a must and a pleasure on any Expedition. So with the design in mind, the frame was built, accessories and draw systems in place, more in terms of creature comforts and technology were sourced and installed.